• Officer Jon Werner

Jon Werner
  • What is an SRO?

    A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a sworn law-enforcement officer. They assist the school administration in maintaining a safe and secure environment by providing a visible presence to deter or identify trespassers on campus. An SRO also provides service to the surrounding community of a school to address concerns including loitering, stop signs, traffic patterns, and speeding in school zones.

    CV’s SRO is Officer Jon Werner who is in his second stint as the SRO with CV. Read on to get to know Officer Werner!

    What do you like most about your job as the SRO at CVHS?
    I like being more of a part of the community. I interact with the students and staff every day.

    Do you have any goals for your position or anything that drives you in your career?
    I am always interested in training. Even with 24 years on the job, I am always training. When I am ready to retire, I want to leave knowing that CV is a better place than when I started.

    Why did you choose this job?
    I chose this job because it was the perfect match for my experience.  I was a school teacher before I became a police officer.  Being an SRO gives me an opportunity to get back into the classroom.

    What are some interesting things about you that could help students connect with you?
    I am a member of the Lancaster County SERT Team (Crisis Negotiator). I have a twin brother who is an FBI Agent, and I served in the US Navy Reserve and the PA Army National Guard.

    Is there someone or something that influenced your drive to be a police officer and member of the army?
    My brother influenced me to become a police officer. He was an officer with East Lampeter and encouraged me to take the test.

    Do you have any family members who are special to you?
    My wife and kids are important to me. I get to spend more time with them now that I am an SRO.

    Officer Werner has the following certificates from NASRO:

    • Basic SRO
    • Advanced SRO
    • Adolescent Mental Health Training