Foundations Information

  • Dear Students, Parents, and Families,


    My name is Rachel Hegedus and I am the Foundations Teacher here at Fritz Elementary. A little about myself and my background, I am a graduate of WVU with a masters in Elementary Education. This year marks my 11th year teaching and 8th year here at Conestoga Valley. This will be my second year as the Foundations Teacher.


    Along with myself there will be paraprofessional(s) within the classroom to help with running groups and additional practice of skills. They will also go with the students as they push out into classes for Science and Social Studies as well. Students will receive a schedule the first day of school.


    This year's room is located down the main hallway and is the first classroom once you turn right at the end of the hallway on the right hand side. We are located next to the ESL classroom. Also for the school year I will be providing the majority of the classroom supplies that your child will need for the year. They are also welcome to bring in any supplies you may have already purchased as well.


    Please feel free to contact me with any time before school with any questions you may have.


    Best Wishes

    -Mrs. Rachel Hegedus Foundations Teacher




    Supplied by Mrs. Hegedus

    ● Folders

    ● Pencil case

    ● Highlighters

    ● Colored Pencils

    ● Crayons

    ● Binders

    ● Sticky Notes

    ● Some regular pencils

    ● Scissors

    ● Glue Sticks


    Supplies to Bring

    ● Extra Pencils

    ● Erasers

    ● Headphones

    ● Refillable water bottle