2023-24 Board Meeting Notes

  • Rather than having to navigate the agendas, the Board offers this synopsis of this fall’s work. Archived board meeting notes can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

    If there are any issues you feel the Board should address, you can contact us at our District email; addresses are listed here. For issues related to the classroom work of your student or building issues, please contact the teacher and/or principal. For other District issues, we will direct your concerns to the appropriate administrator or consider the issues as a Board when appropriate.

    Our meeting schedule is also posted on the website. You’re always welcome at any meeting.

May 2024 Board Notes

  • A PDF version of the below notes can be accessed here.

    Fortunately, the winter weather had little impact on the calendar although one Board meeting was postponed. A lot has been accomplished as we worked into spring including completion of a new three-year Comprehensive Plan and a review of many of the parts of our 2024-25 budget (technology, maintenance, food service, transportation, athletics, staffing, new courses) as well as approval of the related budgets from our partners at the IU, CTC, and LCA. Much of our new staffing is related to Student Services. Additionally, we have taken back in-house one of our IU classes.

    The Board and CVEA have had numerous meetings and agreed upon a new five-year Collective Bargaining Agreement focused on attracting and retaining quality staff and staying within our budgetary restraints.

    We were fortunate to welcome many of the organizations who enhance the curriculum with independent fund raising (Buckskin Activities Alliance, CV Foundation Grants, SEEDS’ ESL program).

    We also had student/classroom focused on academics and programs that address the culture and climate in our schools and have approved staff development in these areas.

    Work continues on a comprehensive review of our entire policies.

    We are finishing the budget for preliminary approval and interviewing staff for next school year.

    Renovations for the new Smoketown are moving on schedule and plans are being made for the move as well as the relocation of the administrative offices and Board room.

    Board meetings will continue through the spring and summer. The schedule is on the district calendar; agendas are on the website and meetings are streamed online.

    Before spring becomes summer, we look forward to Commencement on June 4, plans for the next school year, and wish everyone a pleasant summer.

    Idette Groff
    President, CV Board of School Directors