Volunteers in Action

  • Volunteers in Action

    For four decades, Conestoga Valley volunteers have made a difference in our schools.
    Volunteers in Action is an energetic and friendly group of parent and community volunteers committed to supporting students, teachers, faculty and staff to make a difference in the lives of our students. VIA is the largest volunteer organization in Conestoga Valley School District. 
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    Be Active. Be Involved.

    Being an involved volunteer means dedicating your time and energy to our learning community. There is a volunteer opportunity just for you in Conestoga Valley!
    Opportunities include: 
    • Classsroom assistance
    • Library support
    • Preparing classroom materials
    • Photocopying
    • Laminating
    • Publishing and binding
    • Special projects and events
    • Chaperoning school events and trips
    Volunteer events include:
    • Health Screening Days
    • CV’s ‘Back to School Night’ with the Barnstormers
    • Teacher Appreciation Events

    Why Volunteer?                                             

    Volunteers provide our students and staff an invaluable service and enhance the education environment in our schools. Make a difference by sharing your time and talents. Show our students that our community cares!

    Who Volunteers?

    Anyone can volunteer! Parents, guardians, grandparents, community members, business leaders—even students! Volunteers need only to be willing, dependable, positive and, occasionally, confidential. The most important volunteer is you!

    What is the difference between VIA and my school PTO?

    VIA and PTOs share many of the same goals, but they are different organizations. VIA is a district-wide program designed to provide clerical support to teachers and librarians for activities that are part of the school curriculum. VIA has grown to also support other school-related activities, such as health screenings. VIA does not raise money for its activities.
    Parent-Teacher Organizations vary in their missions from school to school, but often raise money to support initiatives in and out of school, such as funding playground equipment, field trips and community events.
    In many ways, VIA exists to help the district save money, while PTOs exist to help schools raise money.
Graphic showing VIA had 650 total annual volunteers, 16,000 total annual volunteer hours