Volunteer Clearances

  • Obtaining Volunteer Clearances 

    Pennsylvania state law and Conestoga Valley School Board policy require all volunteers to have proper clearances. 
    Adult Volunteers are defined as anyone who has “direct volunteer contact”-- care, supervision, guidance or control of children-- OR "routine interaction with children." Routine Interaction is defined as “regular and repeated contact” that is integral to a person’s volunteer responsibilities. Child is defined as any individual under 18 years of age. If you have any question as to whether you meet this definition or not, please contact your building principal.
    • Use this document to keep track of your clearance documentation. Once finished, submit the checklist along with completed clearance documentation to the district office.
    Step 2: Child Abuse History Clearance: No Cost. Valid for 5 years. 
    • Click here to access the website. 
    • Click "Create Individual Account," if you do not already have a Keystone ID
    • Complete all fields
    • Select: Volunteer
    • Volunteer Category: Other
    • Agency Name: Conestoga Valley School District
    • Print out the certificate. Write down or remember your login and password to access the certificate at any time. 
    Step 3: PA Criminal Record Check: No Cost. Valid for 5 years. 
    • Click here to access the website. 
    • Click on New Record Check (Volunteers Only) and complete all fields
    • Print the "Record Check Results Page" 
    • IMPORTANT: Click on "CERTIFICATION FORM" above the BACK button to print your actual certificate. Submit this certificate to the district office. 
    Step 4: Select one of the following: 
    • If you have been a PA resident for 10 consecutive years: Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers. No cost.  
      • Print the form here, sign and submit to the district office.
    • If you have NOT been a PA resident for 10 consecutive years: FBI Criminal History Record. Cost $22.60. Valid for 5 years.  
      • Go to https://www.identogo.com/locations/pennsylvania to access the website.
      • Select Digital Fingerprinting option at the bottom of the page
      • Enter the Service Code: 1KG6ZJ
      • Click on Go
      • Complete Registration and Schedule an appointment at a fingerprint collection site.
      • This fee is paid at the fingerprint site.  Major Credit Cards as well as money orders or cashier’s checks payable to MorphoTrust will be accepted.  NO cash transactions or personal checks will be accepted.
      • Once a volunteer submits their fingerprints, they will receive a receipt with their UEID number.  The volunteer must present their UEID number to the school District.
    Step 5: Volunteer self-reporting form. No Cost. 
    • Print the form here, complete, sign and submit to the district office.
    Step 6: Acknowledgement on POL 916 and POL 806 Form. No Cost. 
    Step 7: Compile all completed clearance documentation and deliver it to the district office (2110 Horseshoe Road, Lancaster -- the small building in front of the CV High School) along with your checklist. Keep a copy of your clearances for your records.

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