Cost-Saving Initiatives

  • Cost-Saving Initiatives

    Conestoga Valley School District has a long tradition of fiscal prudence. Though the board is currently dealing with unique financial challenges, directors and administrators have long sought to identify areas in the budget where the district can save money.

    Over the past 15 years, the board has made a host of changes to the way the district does business that, to date, have saved taxpayers an estimated $25.2 million. Below is a chart outlining the areas of the budget that have been trimmed, and how much savings have resulted.


    While health care and personnel costs are the two largest areas of reduction (some 44 percent of the total), the board has been reluctant to reduce direct expenditures on curriculum and activities that directly affect students (only 5 percent).

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    Supplies & Services






    Special Education



    Health Care






    Curriculum & Activities