Frequently Asked Questions

  • cvva 20221. What is the CV Virtual Academy?

    • The Virtual Academy offers both a full cyber education or a blend of the traditional classroom with the flexibility of online self-study for students. Students utilize CV’s online system and have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Conestoga Valley teachers. This flexible solution helps to promote: Self-paced student learning.A 24/7 learning environment. A cyberschool with a local touch.

    2. Why did CVSD create CVVA?

    • Provide a quality and comprehensive curriculum for district families interested in another educational option.
    • Provide an alternative to out-of-district, cyber education.

    3. Why might students want to attend cyber school?

    • They need greater flexibility in their scheduling.
    • They have health concerns.
    • To pursue arts or sports endeavors.
    • Parents want more involvement in the child’s education.
    • And many other reasons!

    4. What is provided to participants in the Academy?

    • A computer, including a printer, if needed.
    • Reimbursement for a broadband internet connection ($30/month for 10 months, beginning the 2019- 2020 school year).
    • Complete, PA standards-aligned curriculum package including text books and any other materials.
    • Local technology support.
    • Individualized and personalized instructional support/contact by local, highly-qualified, teachers.
    • Access to field trips.

    5. What are the family’s responsibilities?

    • Contact instructor with any issues related to content.
    • Schedule face-to-face sessions with instructor as needed/required.
    • Read and sign all necessary paperwork for use of materials, text books, etc. • Designate a primary contact for communication.
    • Abide by all school and district policies.

    6. What is the attendance policy?

    • Attendance will be based on one hour (online or offline) per course per day during scheduled school calendar days. If all assigned coursework is completed with a passing grade for the course, the student will not be marked absent. If a student is behind on their coursework, and does not meet the minimum daily login requirement, he or she may be marked absent.

    7. Can any student enroll in CVVA?

    • Any student can enroll in CVVA if they reside within the district boundaries.

    8. What if my child needs special education services?

    • Special Education students who have some of their needs met through specially designed instruction must discuss virtual learning at an IEP meeting where the team will determine support needed for the student to be successful in an online learning environment.

    9. Will my child be able to participate extracurricular activities as well as specials?

    • Yes, your child will have the same opportunity to participate in extracurriculars and specials same as a traditional CV student.

    10. Must my child participate in state assessments?

    • Yes, all students must participate in state assessments.