Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the CV Virtual Academy?

    The Virtual Academy offers both a full cyber education or a blend of the traditional classroom with the flexibility of online self-study for students. Students utilize CV’s online system and have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with local, Conestoga Valley teachers. This flexible solution helps to promote:

    • Self-paced Student learning
    • A 24/7 Learning Environment
    • A Cyberschool with a local touch


    Why did CVSD create CVVA?

    • Provide a quality and comprehensive curriculum for district families interested in another educational option
    • Provide savings to taxpayers and the Conestoga Valley School District
    • Provide an alternative to out-of-district, cyber education


    Why might students want to attend cyber school?

    • They need greater flexibility in their scheduling
    • They have health concerns
    • To pursue arts or sports endeavors
    • Parents want more involvement in the child's education
    • And many other reasons! 


    What is provided to participants in the Academy?

    • A computer, including a printer if needed
    • Reimbursement for a broadband internet connection ($20/month for the 10-month school year.)
    • Complete, PA standards-aligned curriculum package including text books and any other materials.
    • Local technology support
    • Individualized and personalized instructional support/contact by local, highly-qualified, teachers.
    • Access to field trips
    • Access to scheduled music and art classes (Principal-approved.)
    • Access to regularly-scheduled elective courses not offered through the Virtual Academy, if available (Principal-approved).


    What are the family's responsibilities?

    • Contact Instructor with any issues related to content.
    • Schedule face-to-face sessions with instructor as needed / required.
    • Family will read and sign all necessary paperwork for use of materials, text books, etc.
    • Designate a primary contact for communication with instructor.
    • Abide by all school and district policies while on school property.


    What are the teachers' responsibilities?

    • Maintain regular contact with students via email and phone calls with responses made in a timely fashion.
    • Facilitate face-to-face, student/teacher meetings at a district site as needed.
    • Direct assignments and grading of the course.


    Does a student have to be a CV resident to participate in CVVA?

    • Yes, in order to be a CVVA student, you must live in the Conestoga Valley School District.