Why CV?

  • Conestoga Valley School District at a Glance


    Proven Excellence

    CV High School has been recognized as one of the top high schools nationwide by US News & World Report. CV students post some of the highest test scores regionally and among the highest academic growth rates statewide. Many CV teachers have received honors including State Teacher of the Year, Outstanding String Teacher Award, State MS Physical Education Teacher of the Year, State Art Supervisor of the Year, Teaching Impact Award and Excellence in Science Teaching.

    Character Education

    Character education is a district-wide initiative based on character traits identified by the community as being important. Each month, teachers focus on a different trait, incorporating them into classroom and building activities.

    Educational Technology

    The district is a leader in technological innovation and infrastructure, with more than 4,000 laptop and desktop computers districtwide, including 1:1 computing in grades 7-12. WiFi is available in all instructional areas, at speeds of 600 MB for every high school classroom and every other elementary and middle school classroom. All core classrooms are also equipped with interactive whiteboards, handheld devices such as iPads and classroom performance systems. The district’s technology infrastructure is maintained by eight full-time employees and supports some 5,000 users. 

    Academic Assessment

    Conestoga Valley is committed to an assessment program reflecting national, state and local measures.  Each year, CV administers the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) math and English Language Arts (ELA) exams in grades three through eight and science in grades four and eight. High school students take the state’s end-of-course Keystone Exams in algebra, literature and biology. CV maintains a balance of diagnostic, benchmark, formative and summative assessments at all levels, including locally-developed assessments.


    Each school in the district has a quality library staffed with a certified school librarian. CVSD patrons have use of more than 80,000 print volumes that can be shared through Destiny, the online library catalog. All CV students have access to online resources, including grade-level appropriate specialty databases, ebooks and electronic tools. Online resources are available 24/7 for use at home. District libraries offer video collections and the capability to download streaming audio and video. The libraries at CV High School and Middle School offer extended hours for student use beyond the regular school day.


    CV has excellent, modern facilities for learning. The district boasts specially-designed classrooms that feature digitial science and music equipment, 3D printing, three television studios, three 500+ seat auditoriums, a synthetic turf stadium field, all-weather track, a state-of-the-art fitness center and a 2,500-seat gymnasium.

    Student Safety

    Conestoga Valley takes a proactive approach to keep students in a safe learning environment. Emergency plans are in place at each school utilizing ALiCE, the leading emergency response program for schools. CV’s School Resource Officer (SRO), a full-time officer with the East Lampter Township Police Department, is a visible presence in all CV schools. Buildings are designed to route all visitors through secure entrances. The district’s safety task force meets regularly to review plans and make further recommendations. 

    Student Services

    The district provides numerous special services to its students, including gifted education, learning support, emotional support, life skills support, Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII), speech and language programs including English as a Second Language (ESL), bullying prevention programs, the Student Assistance Program (SAP), guidance counselors in each school and nurses and/or nurse assistants in each building.

    Special Education

    All CV schools offer special education services, based on a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). These supports could involve modification of lessons or instruction outside of the regular classroom. CV’s special education services aim to enable all students to achieve to their fullest potential.

    CV Virtual Academy

    An area pioneer in online learning, CV offers students in grades K-12 a cyber education with a local touch. Virtual Academy students experience self-directed learning in core subjects, while enjoying access to field trips, on-campus elective courses and extracurricular activities. CVVA students also receive computer hardware and reimbursement for a broadband Internet connection.

    CV Education Foundation (CVEF)

    The Conestoga Valley Education Foundation (CVEF) is an independent, non-profit organization that has provided more than $600,000 in funding for educational initiatives since its founding in 1993. CVEF’s Board of Trustees looks to fund creative and innovative classroom projects that are not funded through the regular district budget.


    CV emphasizes communication with employees, parents, community members, students and others. The district’s award-winning public relations program leverages multiple platforms as well as robust media relations to promote programs and accomplishments. CV administrators meet regularly with parents, employees and students, and the school board hosts community forums annually.

    Volunteers in Action (VIA)

    CV has a tradition of strong, enthusiastic parental support. In 1975, the district initiated Volunteers in Action (VIA), an organized volunteer program that assists teachers and administrators. Last year, VIA had 670 volunteers.