Driving & Parking

  • High School Driving Regulations

    Driving to high school is a privilege granted to those students who obey school parking and driving regulations. This privilege will be offered to all students with a valid driver’s license.

    The operation and parking of vehicles on school district property is regulated by the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and policies of the CV School Board. In addition to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct and School Board Policy, violators of regulations pertaining to the operation and parking of vehicles may be subject to prosecution.

    Permission to drive may be revoked if students fail to adhere to school rules.



    Parking Registration Form

    • Before any student will be permitted to register their car, they must satisfy all outstanding fines.
    • All students who drive must register their cars. Each marking period the price will go down:
      • Marking Period 1 $40
      • Marking Period 2 $30
      • Marking Period 3 $20 (Jan. 16, 2024)
      • Marking Period 4 $10
    • Students have two weeks from the start of the school year to register their vehicle.


    Parking Regulations

    • Students will only park in the “S” student parking areas (see map below) during school hours. Student vehicles parked outside of those designated areas during the school day without special administrative permission face fines and revocations of parking privileges.
    • Students must park in one space and park between the lines.
    • Students may enter the high school via the student entrance (marked below) before 7:40 a.m. and after 2:36 p.m. 
    • Students arriving or leaving during the school day must enter or exit the building through the main entrance and sign in and out with the Attendance Office.
    • Students cannot park at the District Office or Witmer lot during school hours.
    • Students with a parking permit who are temporarily driving a different car than originally registered must sign the car in at the main office.
    • Students who need access to their cars during school hours must first stop in the main office to receive permission from high school administration. 
    • Unsafe and reckless driving - including speeding, excessive noise, burnouts, or tire screeching - will not be tolerated.
    • Drivers and passengers must be seated inside the vehicle and wear a seatbelt.  
    • Students with permission to leave school will not transport any students who do not have permission.
    • Career and Technology Center seniors will not transport underclassmen to and from the CTC.
    • The speed limit on all school property is 10 m.p.h.
    • Violations can result in tickets, fines and/or other disciplinary actions, including revocation of driving privileges.
    • In addition to disciplinary consequences, student vehicles without a valid parking sticker may be towed away at the owner’s expense.
    • Driving privileges may be revoked for cutting class, an accumulation of tardies, and/or leaving school before dismissal without permission from the high school administration.  
    • Any student parking on school district property without permission will face consequences that may include being unable to receive a parking space for one school year.
    • While parking on school property, all vehicles are subject to search by administration when reasonable suspicion exists.

Parking Brochure

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