Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I purchase a parking permit?  Go to this webpage and click on forms and documents. Then look for the parking folder. Print out the parking registration form. Send the filled out registration form along with payment and a copy of your student's driver's license to Mrs. Hower in the main office.


    Where do I go to fill out a theft/incident/bullying report? Stop in the main office.


    How do I apply for a Gold Card? CVHS administrators will come up with a pre-approved Gold Card list each marking period based on MP GPA, attendance, discipline, fines, and graduation project. If you are on the approved list, you will be given a gold card form for parents to sign. That form should be turned in to Mrs. Walton or at the front window.


    How do I get working papers?  Students may pick up an application in the Guidance Office and take it home to complete. Parents do not need to sign it in front of anyone at the school. Working papers no longer require a physical from a doctor or an employer’s signature. The student’s birth certificate must be brought in either when the application is picked up or brought back. The applicant must be the one who picks up the actual working paper. If you have any questions, please call the Guidance Office at 717-397-5231.


    Working paper hours are from 7:00am to 3:00pm


    I graduated from CV. How do I get my transcript sent?

    Click HERE for information on requesting transcripts. 


    I am withdrawing my son/daughter. What do I do? Please come into the HS to complete a withdraw form. The computer must be returned on the student’s last day.


    Where do I find Scholarship Information?
    Click HERE for information on scholarships. Scholarships are also available to students in the guidance office.


    I need to enroll my son/daughter. What do I do?  Please contact Central Enrollment in the District Office, 717-397-2421 ext. 0012 or visit our registration page


    Why won't my computer print?  Always make sure you are connected to 'CV Secure' and not 'CV Guest.' Computers will only print from CV Guest if they are "hardwired".


    Why does my computer connect to CV Guest instead of CV Secure?  Because G comes before S. When connected to CV Guest, right click; go into properties, connection tab, un-check box for "Connect Automatically when in range." CV Secure will then connect.


    Why does it say I have to have a username and password when trying to update already existing programs? Ex: MovieMaker   Please see the techs for the needed information.


    Why won’t my computer charge correctly?  One of three reasons: 1: The plug was not in correctly (always look for the green light) 2: The battery is not seated correctly 3: The power strip you were using was not on.


    Why is my student drive not on my computer?  On CV Guest, right click; go into properties, connection tab, un-check box for "Connect Automatically when in range." CV Secure will then connect. Restart your computer and it should be there. In some instances it may need to be “hardwired”.


    If a student is 18, can he sign his own excuse cards?  No, a parent/guardian must sign excuse cards while the student is at CVHS.


    What do I need to do for my student to leave early from school for an appointment?  Fill out an excuse card and send it the morning of the appointment with your student. Have your student report to the main entrance window before school starts at 7:40 am. The student will hand in the parent note and receive a pass to leave their classroom at designated appointment time. The student will report to attendance window and hand the pass in before leaving school.


    Please explain the Driver's Education programs.  Any CV district student that is 15 years 9 months and older may enroll in our online & behind the wheel driving courses. We have open enrollment at 3 different times of the year. Fall enrollment is the first 15 days of school, winter enrollment is the last 15 days of January and Spring/Summer enrollment is the first 15 days of May. More information and registration brochure can be found here. 


    My family is taking a trip during the school year and my student is missing part of a day, all day or multiple days, what do I need to do?  Students are permitted up to 5 travel/family emergency days per year at the discretion of the administration. Parents need to complete the front section of an educational travel form and sign it. Students need to have the teachers of the classes that they are missing sign the back and the form gets turned into the attendance office prior to student missing part of a day, all day or multiple days.


    I owe a lab fee for my class, where do I pay?  Please pay Mrs. Horst in the main office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. She will sign your passport back to class.


    I got a letter in the mail stating I have a fine, where can I pay?  Please see Mrs. Horst in the main office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.  


    I received a fine notice for a lab fee, but my child has free lunch. Must I still pay it?  If your child has free or reduced lunch and they have a lab fee, they need to see Mrs. Horst in the Main Office and notify her.  The office must then verify that you have free or reduced lunch with the District Office. Mrs. Horst will have your child come back in a day or two so she can let them know if it was verified. If they have free lunch, she will issue them a lab card that they give to their teacher. If they have reduced lunch, they must pay half of the lab fee. Lab fees are free or reduced, but project fees must be paid in full.


    Can I use a credit card to pay for my child's lunches?  Yes. Please click here to pay for your child's lunch online with a credit card. You will then be able to register. You will need your child's school I.D. number. The cost is $1.95 each time you make a payment. 


    What time does the bus come on a 2-hour delay?  Two hours later than it normally comes (and, yes, we get this phone call every time we have a delay).