DATE:  Tuesday, April 23rd during flex

    LOCATION:  Rill Gym

    Class of 2019 photo will be taken.  Order forms are available in the main office and the cafeteria.  

    End of year timeline will be distributed including all information about end of year senior events. 


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    Conestoga Valley High School

    Senior Graduation/Commencement Expectations

    2018-19 School Year


    CVHS wants all seniors who complete their senior year successfully to participate in our annual commencement ceremony.  It is an important life event for graduates and families alike.  Participation in the ceremony is voluntary and those who wish to take part must agree to abide by the following conditions:

    • Successfully complete all academic requirements according to all due dates. This includes mandatory and elective courses and total credits.
    • Maintain regular attendance. Students may not exceed an absentee rate for unexcused absences of 10% or greater for any 60-day period of school. 
    • Be responsible. Students who engage in behavior(s) that jeopardize the safety and well-being of others or in general compromise school rules and the reputation of the class or school may be denied participation in commencement.  Expectations for appropriate behavior continue up to and including the commencement ceremony.
    • Satisfy all obligations and debts. All fees, costs and/or charges must be satisfied prior to the end of seniors’ regular classes.  All equipment or other school property must be returned in full and in appropriate condition prior to the end of seniors’ regular classes.
    • Attend Commencement practices. Seniors must attend all commencement practices.
    • Wear the school approved cap and gown and follow all procedures for ordering.
    • Follow all commencement related tasks and procedures as communicated by the commencement advisor and administration.

    Again, we want all seniors who have completed their high school requirements to participate in commencement.  Please be sure these rules are understood and followed as various deadlines approach throughout the year.

    Thank you for your understanding and full cooperation.

    CVHS Administration



    Held at Calvary Church, 1051 Landis Valley Road, Lancaster, PA  17601

    Student must provide own transportation to practice. 

    Attendance at practice is mandatory in order to participate in the commencement ceremony. 

    • Wednesday, May 29 - 8:30 am until approximately 11 am.
      • Cap, gowns and tickets will be distributed following the first practice. 
      • All obligations (fines) must be paid prior to students receiving their cap, gowns and/or tickets.   
    • Thursday, May 30 - 8:30 am until approximately 11 am.



    Date - Thursday, May 30, 2019 @ 7 pm.   

    Location - Calvary Church. 1051 Landis Valley Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601

    Seniors must arrive at 6 pm.   Doors open to family and friends at 6:15 pm.  



    Each participating student will be allotted FIVE tickets.

    Extra Ticket Request can be made in April. Students must fill out the request form for extra tickets. Phone requests will NOT be accepted.

    • The EXTRA TICKET REQUEST FORM link was emailed to Class of 2019 students on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Please check your Schoology Class of 2019 page for the google link.  

    Priority will be given to students who complete their commencement responsibilities including paying fines and obligations. 

    The main sanctuary at Calvary seats approximately 2100 people.

    There are roughly 250 extra tickets available. It is not possible to accommodate all of your extended families in the main sanctuary.

    There is overflow seating available for additional guests. There is space for 300, and there will be a live stream of the ceremony for your families. All request for overflow tickets will be met.


    • All student fines and obligations MUST be satisfied before a student will receive his/her tickets.  


    Cap and Gown Order