Conestoga Valley High School

    Commencement Exercises 2020

    Friday, May 29, 2020

    • The Buckskin Farewell. 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. This event is a car procession of graduates starting in the CVHS Student Parking Lot (near the tennis courts) and moving along the front of the high school building.  Cars will briefly stop at the front entrance to the high school and receive their diplomas and the official commencement program from School Board President Mr. Todd Shertzer and Superintendent Dr. Dave Zuilkoski.  Graduates and their families will remain in their cars as staff use all precautions for the safe transfer of items.  The car procession will then exit the school campus toward the Middle School, using the access road now called “Pritchard Way.”  This event will signify the official matriculation of our graduates and their graduation from high school.  Specific details regarding the event are forthcoming and will be shared out to graduates and their families through usual school communication means. 
    • Online Commencement Ceremony. 7:00 p.m.  This event is an online version of the official commencement ceremony and will be made open for viewing online beginning at 7:00 p.m.  It includes our traditional speeches, awards and the individual recognition of each graduate.





    October 2019 - Reminder to all seniors


    CVHS wants all seniors who complete their senior year successfully to participate in commencement.  It is an important life event for graduates and families alike.  Participation in the ceremony is voluntary and those who wish to take part must agree to abide by the following conditions:

    • Successfully complete all academic requirements according to all due dates. This includes mandatory and elective courses and total credits.
    • Maintain regular attendance. Students may not exceed an absentee rate for unexcused absences of 10% or greater for any 60-day period of school. 
    • Be responsible. Students who engage in behavior(s) that jeopardize the safety and well-being of others or in general compromise school rules and the reputation of the class or school may be denied participation in commencement.  Expectations for appropriate behavior continue up to and including the commencement ceremony.
    • Satisfy all obligations and debts. All fees, costs and/or charges must be satisfied prior to the end of seniors’ regular classes.  All equipment or other school property must be returned in full and in appropriate condition prior to the end of seniors’ regular classes.
    • Follow all commencement related tasks and procedures as communicated by the commencement advisor and administration.

    Thank you for your understanding and full cooperation.


    CVHS Administration