Creating the Profile of a CV Learner

  • Profile of a CV Learner Logo On Monday, May 20, 2019, the CV School Board unanimously passed a resolution supporting the adoption of the Profile of a CV Learner as the “North Star” in providing the means and pathways for district students to reach their fullest potential. The profile represents the important foundational elements of all learners’ education, and provides learners with an education that sets them on a path to reach their fullest potential in life, regardless of their direction after graduation.


    “As the district moves forward with personalized learning, placing the learner at the forefront and creating opportunities for all students to be successful, we will be incorporating the profile in our new Comprehensive Plan, professional development opportunities and collegial communication,” said Dr. Dave Zuilkoski, superintendent. “Society has changed over the last 25 years or so, and we need to help our graduates be prepared for their future, not our past.”


    After gathering input from more than 900 students, staff, faculty, administrators, parents, business leaders and others through both face-to-face meetings and online surveys, a group of staff, administrators and board members came together and were able to clearly see five distinct categories taking shape. Using these, it was determined that the CV Community wants all CV Learners to be Innovative Problem Solvers, Communicators, Global Citizens, Life-Long Learners, and Collaborators.


    The design of the Profile of a CV Learner was created by CV students Catherine Scala, Alayna McEvoy and Natalie Kiel. In the design, the CV logo sits in the center. Surrounding it in a circle are five puzzle pieces, which are a nod to CV’s Character Education program. Surrounding that is CV’s motto: Character, Community, Commitment.


    With the logo complete and the resolution passed, the district will now be working on creating additional resources for staff and parents to help implement the Profile’s five categories both in and out of the classroom. The rollout of the Profile and these resources happened during the 2019-2020 school year.



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