Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sports Medicine Staff

    • Who are the sports medicine staff members?
      Team Physician – Patrick Moreno, MD
      Head Athletic Trainer – Jessica Hess, LAT, ATC
      Assistant Athletic Trainer – TBD
    • How do I contact the sports medicine staff?
      Athletic Training Room:  (717) 397-5231, ext. 1074
      Athletics Department Fax:  (717) 397-5226
      Mrs. Hess’s e-mail:
    • What does an athletic trainer do?
      An athletic trainer is a healthcare professional who works under the supervision of a physician and specializes in the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries and illnesses related to physical activity, whether emergency, acute, or chronic.


    Sports Physicals

    • When are sports physicals?
      TBD -  at CV High School
    • Is there a make-up date for sports physicals?
    • What is the cost for physicals on June 8th? $20.00 per physical.  Cash & checks are accepted (checks made out to CVSD)
    • How long is a sport physical valid?
      A sports physical is valid from the date the doctor signs it (no earlier than May 1) until the following April 30 or the conclusion of the spring sports season.
    • Can I use the sports physical for another required physical?
      11th-grade physical – Yes.  The athletic trainer copies all 11th-graders’ sports physicals for the school nurse.

      Camp/non-school activity – Ask the athletic trainer for a copy.  Please provide at least one week’s notice.
    • Can I go to my own doctor or Urgent Care for the sport physical?
    • What forms do I need?
      CV Sports Medicine Information Form

      PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-participation Physical Examination Form (CIPPE Sections 1-6)
    • Where do I get the forms?
      • In the main office of the high school, the athletic office in the high school and the main office of the middle school
      • You can find them online on the Athletics Website
    • Can I use a different form?
      No.  PIAA requires all student-athletes to use the CIPPE form.
    • What is a re-certification? 
      CIPPE Section 7 Parent/Guardian Re-certification Form - Required for all athletes whose sports physical took place on or after May 1 but earlier than six weeks prior to the start of the winter or spring sports season.
      CIPPE Section 8 Doctor Re-certification Form - Only required for athletes who see an outside healthcare provider for an injury or illness occurring after the sports physical but prior to the start of the subsequent sports season.
    • When do I need a re-certification?
      No earlier than six weeks prior to the official start of the winter or spring season. 
    • What if I cannot afford a sports physical?
      Contact the head athletic trainer.



    • What happens if I get injured?
      If you sustain an injury, report it to the athletic trainer immediately.  The athletic trainer will evaluate the injury and determine a treatment plan, either with the CV sports medicine staff or through an outside healthcare provider.
      If you see an outside healthcare provider, you will need to bring a note to the athletic trainer from that provider, which includes the diagnosis, treatment plan, activity restrictions, and/or clearance to resume activity.
      Final clearance to return to activity comes from the athletic trainers and the team physician.
    • Does the school pay for sports injuries?
      Conestoga Valley School District provides supplemental insurance for all athletes, which costs $10 of the extra-curricular participation fee.  The supplemental insurance is an accident policy and is secondary to the student-athlete’s primary medical insurance; coverage is not guaranteed.
    • How do I make an insurance claim?
      If the injury requires a referral to an outside healthcare provider, the athletic trainer will contact the student-athlete’s parent/guardian and ask if they would like the claim form.  The athletic trainer will complete the school’s portion of the form and then forward it to the parent/guardian.  You must submit the claim form to the supplemental insurance company within 90 days of the injury.
    • What is the return-to-play policy following a musculoskeletal injury?
      The athlete must have full range of motion and strength >90% compared to the opposite side.  The athletic trainer will perform a functional evaluation to ensure that the athlete is able to do all sport-specific actions related to the athlete’s sport and position.
      If the athlete saw an outside healthcare provider, the athlete must also turn in a note from that provider that clears the athlete to return to activity.  Final clearance, however, comes from the athletic trainers and the team physician.
    • What is the return-to-play policy following a concussion?
      When the athlete has had no symptoms for 24 hours and has a normal physical examination, the athlete will begin a supervised, step-wise return to activity.  If no symptoms return, the athlete will progress one step per day, only when an athletic trainer is available to supervise.  If any symptoms return, activity is suspended until all symptoms resolve; then, activity resumes at the step previous to the one that caused symptoms. 
      1. Step 1 – light aerobic activity
      2. Step 2 – moderate aerobic activity and light sport-specific exercise
      3. Step 3 – controlled practice (non-contact drills, conditioning)
      4. Step 4 – full practice and weight-lifting
      5. Step 5 – competition

    The team physician has final authority to release an athlete to return to play following a concussion.