2023-24 Board Meeting Notes

  • Rather than having to navigate the agendas, the Board offers this synopsis of this fall’s work. Archived board meeting notes can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

    If there are any issues you feel the Board should address, you can contact us at our District email; addresses are listed here. For issues related to the classroom work of your student or building issues, please contact the teacher and/or principal. For other District issues, we will direct your concerns to the appropriate administrator or consider the issues as a Board when appropriate.

    Our meeting schedule is also posted on the website. You’re always welcome at any meeting.

January 2024 Board Notes

  • A PDF version of the below notes can be accessed here.

    As the Board worked its way through the fall, we start the winter and the New Year with a full agenda. We addressed details of the remaining phase of the building project and finally, with the late passage of the State budget, were able to complete the details of our budget. Looking forward to next year’s budget, we reviewed the necessary major building repairs.

    There were no unforeseen issues throughout the fall, and we continued to address routine issues, receive updates on academic programs, address technology updates, accept financial and audit reports, and consider staffing solutions.

    We celebrated with the school and community the Annual Bonfire and all the holiday concerts.

    As Autumn ended, we recognized the successes of teams and individual athletes. Finally, in December, we saw the placement of the Freight Farm and are excited to see it permanently set and ready for use with thanks to the CV Education Foundation for the generous grant that makes it all possible. December is also when we reorganize. We chose Dr. Diane Martin as our new vice-president and approved our usual auditor and solicitors who continue to serve us well.

    In January, the Comprehensive Planning Advisory Committee will begin meeting with the full input of the community, staff, and parents to create a vision for the District for the next three years (2024-25 through 2027-28). Also, we will continue our full policy review.

    The building project sees the end of the GGH Middle School work as they check off some finishing issues. The Open House was well attended in person and virtually, highlighting the use of technology throughout the building. Meanwhile, the new Smoketown conversion is moving along well, and bids have come in for Leola Elementary School to address the last phase of the project.

    As we start the new year with the end of the second marking period looming, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy, peaceful, and fulfilling new year.

    Idette Groff
    President, CV Board of School Directors