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    Character Education/Bullying Prevention

    Bullying prevention is constantly in the forefront of school safety issues.  It is incredibly important to have proactive approaches in place such as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  This will provide the proactive approach and communication with all involved in the school setting.  We want all of our Leola families to know that we care about every aspect of what happens to our students.  Through these processes we learn more about students, they learn more about us, and we build amazing connections which help make our school and students safe.  Schools that take proactive approaches to topics such as bullying prevention and character education are schools that are successful.  One of the most important aspects of building safe schools is building a positive school culture. These are also the foundations for the Olweus  process to which our school, Leola Elementary, is committed.


    While bullying is a serious topic, bullying prevention efforts can be great fun.  Proactively and positively approaching initiatives creates more productive brainstorming and “buy-in” for all stakeholders involved.  It has always been a part of Leola’s vision to approach any concept, problem, task, etc. from a positive standpoint where everyone can learn.  The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is very much a fun process of working via a school based coordinating team.  Over the past several years we have worked on terrific projects which centered on keeping bullying out of our schools and encouraging positive character education activities.  Our efforts have also given the opportunity to involve the students and to give them a voice in our schools. Leola’s Student Advisory Committee has been most influential in planning events for our building.


    Leola Elementary staff and students have been committed to developing a successful Olweus Bullying Prevention Program framework, which in turn has become a whole school investment. To be invested is the highest form of commitment.  The greatest reward is that the Olweus  foundations have become a part of our school culture and is our way of life at Leola Elementary.


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