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Smoketown Family Groups

  • Leader in Me 

    This year, as part of our Leader in Me Program at Smoketown Elementary School, we are introducing school family groups to our staff and students.  A staff member is assigned to small groups of students (approximately 11 - 13) varying in age from Kindergarten through Grade 6.  School families will meet one time per month for approximately 45 minutes.  This is an opportunity to build stronger relationships and connections at school, as well as provide staff with more opportunities to mentor and support students.  It is also a way for older students to take on a leadership role to help mentor younger students within their school family groups.  These groups will stay together from year to year, further enhancing the bonds created.

    This initiative helps strengthen the school community, which aligns with our School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Vision of being a community where everyone develops strong character and a passion for lifelong learning.  Please visit this site for periodic updates of school family group activities through the school year.

    To access the Family Groups Gathering page, please click here.

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