Smoketown Student Artwork

  • The Art Department at Smoketown Elementary School is led by Mr. Dale Gregg, a long time Smoketown Art Teacher who also serves as the Head Coach for the High School Tennis Team.  

    Students participate in Art Classes from Kindergarten through Grade 6.  Artwork on the Smoketown website is group by Featured Artist, Art Club and by Grade Level

    The Smoketown Art Program includes:

    Displayed Work:  After completing work, all grade levels have pieces selected for the hallway displays.  Every student will have a piece displayed during the school year.

    Outstanding Artists:  One or two displayed student art projects from each class at every grade level are recognized on the morning announcements and then hung in a frame around the school.  Students can be recognized once during a school year.

    Featured Artists:  Selected students from 4th through 6th Grade have a collection of their work displayed for a month.  In addition, they are the focus of a video announcement during the Art segment.  A biography accompanies their display.  Students can be selected once in their Smoketown career.

    Permanent Pieces:  Students from all grade levels can have pieces selected and kept as part of a school-wide Permanent Collection.  This Collection is housed in the Large Group Room and the Office area.

    Art Club: A before school Art Club for 5th and 6th grade students which meets on Cycle Day 2 at 7:30 a.m.