GHMS Health Services

  • School Health Services

    Our nurses' primary focus is to keep students safe and healthy during the school day. The school nurses will discuss with any student during the school day any health concerns and/or provide first aid to sick or injured students.

    Nurses can also be a valuable resource for the community and staff for health guidance and when to seek medical attention.

    The school nurses' educational background can be a licensed practitioner nurse or a registered nurse. The Certified School Nurse must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and college courses specific to school nursing.

    Health Support

    If your child has any acute or chronic health conditions that require attention during the school day, please contact the school nurse.


    GHMS Certified School Nurse & School Nurse

    Keith Dieterle CSN, MEd

    Certified School Nurse

    717-397-1294 EXT 2050


    Melissa Rossos

    School Nurse



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