Food Services

  • Welcome to Conestoga Valley School District Food Services. 

    Click here for more information on free meals through June, 2022
    Conestoga Valley Food Service Personnel: 
    Teresa Drager, Food Service Director
    160 Newport Road
    Leola, PA, 17540
    Tracy Merschen, High School Cafeteria Manager
    Betty Groff, Cashier
    Tonya Ries, Cashier
    717-397-5231 ext.1090
    Diane Movinsky, Middle School Cafeteria Manager
    Penrose Boozer, Cashier
    717-397-5231 ext.2091
    Barbara Hummel, Brownstown Cafeteria Manager
    Cheryl Heck, Cashier
    717-656-6021 ext.3091
    Brandy Nolt, Fritz Cafeteria Manager
    Paula Sopke, Cashier
    717-397-5246 ext.4092
    Jill Reitz, Leola Cafeteria Manager
    Jill Reitz, Cashier
    717-656-2068 ext.5092
    Bonnie Eberly, Smoketown Cafeteria Manager
    Lisa Saxton, Cashier
    717-394-0555 ext.6090 or 717-394-0537
    Below are links to websites of local and national nutrition programs from which CVSD Food Services draws information. CVSD is not responsible for the content of these websites.


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