School Board

  • Conestoga Valley School Board of Directors

    Providing quality education opportunities for our students ... 
    while remaining fiscally responsible to our taxpayers.

    The board generally meets the second and third Monday of every month in the Harry W. Wirth Administration Center in the District Office at 2110 Horseshoe Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601.

    What is a school board
    Frequently asked questions about Pennsylvania School Boards.

    Addressing the Board

    District residents, taxpayers and parents may speak before the board following the policy outlined below. Nonresidents will need to request, in advance, to be placed on the agenda.

    Persons wishing to be on the agenda shall contact the superintendent's office one week prior to the board meeting, giving the nature of the presentation and the name and address of each speaker.

    There will be a period for public comment at the beginning of the meeting and a period at the end of the meeting.

    Media Personnel: The placement of microphones, lighting and technical equipment shall be approved by the board and be handled in such a manner that the meeting is not disrupted. Electronic recording of meetings is permitted with advance notification.

    Guidelines for Addressing the Board:

    • Speakers must give full name and address before speaking.
    • Each person may speak only once.
    • Presenters will be given a maximum of five minutes (individual) or 20 minutes (group).
    • No placards, signs or banners are permitted in the board room.
    • All comments shall be addressed to the presiding officer. Questions may not be directed to individual board or administrative personnel.
    • The presiding officer reserves the right to interrupt, terminate or declare any person(s) out of order if they speak longer than the allotted time, stray away from the stated topic or become loud, obscene, abusive or slanderous.
    • The board may set a maximum time for discussion.
    The board reserves the right to delay response to comments until a later meeting. Any or all portions of this policy may be waived by a majority vote of the board.
    More information can be found at the link at the top of the page: What is a school board?

    School Board Assignments

    Act 48 Committee
    Diane Martin

    Buckskin Activities Alliance
    Phil Benigno, Lisa Whitacre

    Career & Technology Center Committee
    Diane Martin

    CV Education Foundation
    Todd Shertzer

    Construction Team
    Todd Shertzer, Dana Mead

    Corporate Sponsorship Committee
    Michael Talley

    CVSD Business Roundtable
    Lisa Whitacre, Open

    District Communication Plan
    Kesha Morant Williams

    District Safety Committee
    Michael Talley

    District Student Wellness Committee
    Kesha Morant Williams


    District Technology Advisory Committee
    Michael Talley

    Drug and Alcohol Task Force
    Todd Shertzer

    IU 13 Board
    Idette Groff, Dana Mead (Alternate)

    IU 13 Joint Authority

    Lancaster County Academy Board
    Idette Groff, Dana Mead (Alternate)

    Lancaster County Tax Collection Board
    Phyllis Heverly Flesher, Todd Shertzer (Alternate)

    PSBA Liaison
    Idette Groff

    Title I Parent Advisory Committee
    Diane Martin

    CV Regional Rec Plan (ad hoc)
    Dana Mead