District Goals

  • District Goals 2019-2020

    Strategic Focus Area: STUDENT LEARNING

    • Incorporate customized/personalized learning with the implementation of the Profile of a CV Learner.
    • Provide an instructional framework that incorporates technology to maximize student learning opportunities.
    • Create opportunities to assist staff and students in dealing with the growing physical, mental and emotional health needs of our students and families.
    • Provide diverse opportunities for growth in student achievement and character.


    Strategic Focus Area: MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICES 

    • Customize online professional development sessions for staff.
    • Explore and implement opportunities to improve district operations.
    • Optimize the existing structures to maximize effective use of learning spaces.
    • Create exemplary learning facilities with flexibility for future generations of learners.
    • Optimize personnel to maximize learning opportunities.
    • Maximize fiscal and operational efforts to ensure district building initiatives are completed on time and within budget


    Strategic Focus Area: COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS 

    • Provide “real-world” opportunities that mutually benefit our students and the community.
    • Coordinate with community benefit groups to streamline services for our students and families.


    APPROVED: 8/19/19