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North Museum Science & Engineering Fair Winners Announced

Several Conestoga Valley High School students won awards at the 2021 North Museum Science & Engineering Fair. 

In total, CVHS boasted four honorable mentions, one third-place recipient, three second-place winners, four first-place honorees, and one Senior Champion. 

The Virtual 2021 North Museum Science and Engineering Fair (NMSEF) serves as Lancaster County’s only free, ISEF-affiliated science fair. The fair was open to Lancaster County 7th – 12th grade students in public, private, or home schools. The Fair was held 100% virtually this year. 

Click here to watch the awards show.

Below is the list of award winners and their projects:

Honorable Mention

  • Dante Velasco (Behavioral Science): How can mental toughness improve through physical actions with tips/tricks included
  • Christiana Uzoije (Microbiology): Cultivating two different species of algae in varied water temperatures
  • Joys William (Biomedical): Investigation of vertebrate animal bones
  • Larissa Harnish (Earth & Environmental) Graywater irrigation with ornamental plants

Third Place

  • Olivia Deebel (Behavioral Science): How do they affect motivation?

Second Place

  • Chloe Thompson (Animal Science): The antibacterial and antifungal properties of canine saliva
  • Jayden Rice (Behavioral Science): A study of mental toughness as it relates to human endurance and perseverance
  • Grace Hershey (Biochemical Science): Investigating planarian's memories after regeneration 

First Place

  • Delainey Varela-Keen (Behavioral Science): Student-athletes' vs. general students' performance when put under the same simulated pressure situations
  • Jared Charles-Cirilo (Earth & Environmental Science): Practices that can be adapted and altered for flood protection implementation 
  • Allison Plowright (Materials Science): Testing how different additives affect the tensile strength of algal plastic
  • Yesenia Vasquez (Plant Science): The effect of freezing as storage on anthocyanin content in blueberries

Senior Champion

  • Joshua Rennekamp (Earth & Environmental Science): Using bivalve mollusks to detect contaminants in water. Rennekamp will be invited to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)!