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PSSA Information

PSSA testing will take places for CV students (including Conestoga Valley Virtual Academy students) in grades 3-8 from April 25 –May 6. Exams for our students, as well as makeup exams, will be administered during the normal school day.

Below is the testing schedule:

  • April 25 – 28: ELA, Grades 3-8 (schedule may vary by school)

  • May 2 – 3: Math, Grades 3-8

  • May 4 – 5: Science, Grades 7 & 8

  • May 2 – 6: Makeups

If a student is absent during a testing block, he or she will be required to make up the test during a designated makeup time that will be communicated by the building principal.

Does my student need to test?

ALL students in grades 3-8 will need to take the online PSSAs in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science (4th and 8th grade only), including students enrolled in Conestoga Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA).

Where does my CVVA student report for testing?
CVVA students should report to the school at the time communicated by the building principal; if you have not yet heard from your building principal, you will in the near future. These students will be assigned a testing time and location at their home school building.

CVVA will be dismissed at the conclusion of testing and will need to be picked up by a parent/guardian.

Other important information about the PSSA exams:

  • All students are permitted as much time as they need to complete each test section.
  • Possession of other electronic devices (cell phones, smart watches, etc.) could result in tests being invalidated. If any test material is compromised, students/families could be responsible for the cost of replacing compromised test items.
  • More information on the PSSA exam, including frequently asked questions and information about electronic devices, will be sent by your child’s school principal.

If you or your student have any other questions or concerns about the PSSA exams, please contact your student’s principal. Building-specific information and schedules will be distributed closer to the date(s) of the actual assessments.

Can my student opt-out of testing?

Parents do have the right to opt their student(s) out of taking the PSSAs.   

Under Chapter 4 of Title 22 of the Pa. Code, the only basis for a parent/guardian to excuse his or her child from the statewide assessments is that he or she finds the PSSA to be in conflict with their religious beliefs. Parents who wish to opt their student out of the PSSAs must follow these steps:

  1. Parents/guardians must review the test materials and sign a confidentiality agreement. Please reach out to your building principal to set up a time to review the materials. 
  2. Write a letter to the attention of Dr. Dave Zuilkoski, CVSD Superintendent, and include the student’s full name, building, grade level, and scheduled PSSA subject(s). You will submit this letter to your student’s building principal (see #5). 
  3. The request must state the parent/guardian does not want their child tested because the test conflicts with their religious belief; and,
  4. Include a parent/guardian signature, address, email, and telephone number.
  5. Submit this letter to your student’s building principal (via email or drop the letter off at your student’s school) prior to the scheduled test administration date; this request is due by Friday, April 22, 2022.

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