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CVEF Awards More than $47,000 in Fall Grants

The Conestoga Valley Education Foundation (CVEF) awarded $47,509.62 in grants during its 2023 fall grant cycle. CVEF officially approved the grants at its October 17 meeting.

Below are the following grants that were approved:

Tech Integration for Real World Applications and Reflective Processes in Music (Brownstown): This grant will help bring students’ learning into the 21st century with a more enriching and efficient learning environment. Recording equipment will allow students to listen to their performances. In addition, equipment will integrate with teacher laptops and student iPads and will be used both in the classroom for daily lessons and for preparing for future performances.

Drums Alive! (Fritz): This grant will allow for the creation of cross-curricular lessons in physical education and music classes. The Drums Alive program combines fitness and drumming in a format that promotes physical, emotional, and social health. It will also assist in fostering a strong sense of community within the school by bringing students together in large group settings to help build connections and relationships.

“Little Hats Big Hearts” (Fritz): CVEF will help fund the startup of the “Little Hats Big Hearts” program at Fritz. Fifth grade students at Fritz Elementary will have the opportunity to knit baby hats to donate locally. Students will learn the values of community aid and selflessness.

Steinway Restoration & Rededication Concert (CVHS): High school choir students will use this grant to help create a collaborative performance experience for current students, alumni, and community members to celebrate the rededication of the restored Steinway piano. This grant will allow for performance t-shirts for the rededication concert in addition to allowing students to assist in the lobby display for the Steinway piano and aid in the advertisement of the concert.  

Brew Up Coffee and Specialties (GHMS): LifeSkills classes at the middle school will receive startup money through this grant to establish a coffee cart at the middle school. The coffee cart will provide students with intellectual and developmental disabilities a real-life, hands-on learning experience. Students will gain experience with communication, problem-solving, money management, and customer service. It will also provide students pre occupational and vocational training.

Operation Finish the Music (GHMS): The goal of this grant is to enhance existing technology in the middle school to augment and support the school’s music curriculum. The grant will help establish the creation of an audio club at the middle school in addition to the establishment of a SoundGirls Chapter (intended to further support young women in audio). In addition, the grant will allow for the creation of three production rooms, one mixing room, and one mastering room using existing spaces in the building’s music wing. Students will have the tools they need to create an entire audio project from composition to point of release.

Art & Community – Screenflex Artwork Displays (GHMS): This grant will give the middle school a flexible way to display student artwork. The screenflex portable artwork displays allow student artwork to be displayed in a variety of spaces and in a variety of ways. Students will receive constructive criticism and advice from their community to aid in the development of their art skills and students will also be able to analyze why and how an exhibition may influence ideas, beliefs, and experiences.

CVEF will award a second round of grants in the spring of 2024.