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PowerSchool Contact Information

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CV Parents/Guardians – we need your assistance!

What: As the district moves to become fully integrated with PowerSchool, we need your assistance in updating your contact information in PowerSchool.

Why: While some of your contact information carried over from Sapphire (CV’s previous Student Information System), not all of your contact information may have carried over and it is vital that we have your correct information (including emergency contacts) in PowerSchool. The district frequently sends out timely and important information (such as school closures, bus delays, etc.) through phone calls, emails, and/or text messages and we do not want you to miss important information.

In addition, please take the time to check the information for your emergency contacts to ensure that information is populated and accurate.

How: Log into your PowerSchool parent/guardian account. Please review and update your contact information.

Screenshots are provided at the end of this letter to assist you in navigating PowerSchool and the contact form.

If not already listed, please add your email address and primary phone number(s). In addition, please accurately indicate “Lives With,” “School Pickup*,” “Emergency Contact,” and “Receives mail.” (This information is only used in communicating district-specific details, updates and information).

*a school pickup is an individual that a family authorizes to pick the student up from school if needed. Ex: a grandparent is an emergency contact but is not able to drive, the person designated in “school pickup” can pick the student up.

A few more details:

  • It is still highly encouraged that each parent/guardian create his or her own parent account regardless of family dynamics; this allows each individual to control how he or she receives information.
  • Please ensure that you mark at least one of your phone numbers as “receives SMS” so that you are able to receive text messages in addition to phone calls.

Questions? Contact your student’s main office.


  1. Under the Navigation menu, select Forms, General Forms, and CVSD Contact Update.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

  1. On the form, you can Add Contacts and edit current ones using the pencil icon.

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  1. Be sure to select the student(s) that these changes apply to and click Submit.


  1. The form status will be pending until the form is approved by building administration.

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