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Anticipated School Counselor: Full-Time

The Elementary (K-5) School Counselor assumes professional responsibility by providing the necessary school guidance at the elementary level in the areas of individual and group counseling, staff and student orientation, test administration and interpretation, information maintenance and dissemination, and cooperation with staff students, parents, administrators, and the community.

  • Provides individual and group counseling to students as needed.
  • Facilitates communication and consultation with a variety of school and community resources.
  • Intervenes in crisis situations.
  • Aids the students in assessing their educational/academic progress.
  • Promotes a positive climate within the school and community.

Under the direction of the building principal, the counselor will complete a variety of tasks including, but not limited to scheduling, groups, career education, analyzing data, individual student meetings, attending building/ district level meetings, participating on the SAP team, and academic counseling.

Certification: School Counselor K-12

Complete required application on EOE