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Welcome, Duncan!

What is a Facility Dog?

A Facility Dog is a dog is part of an assistance dog organization, Duncan is from UDS (United Disabilities Services)

  • Duncan is intentionally picked as a puppy for service work.
    • Conversely,therapy dogs begin as someone’s pet, Duncan has not been anyone’s pet.
  • Duncan has been raised in a United Disabilities Puppy Home where he has been involved in Service Dog training with United Disabilities Services.
    • There is a set of commands taught by both the puppy raiser and professional dog trainer
    • There are national standards that Duncan with UDS must meet
      • Conversely, national standards are nota part of therapy dogwork (dogs in therapy work are owner trained , therapy dogs are pets first, and the owner/dog team are simply registered)
      • Duncan, a type of service dog, has been observed and evaluated consistently by UDS so that he can perform this work and they are a member of Assistance Dogs International, which has very high standards that must be met.


  • Duncan has been identified as a dog that would best fit and serve a facility, vice an individual person with a disability.Hence, his title “Facility Dog”.
  • In an educational setting a facility dog engages all kids in school.


Some other fun information about Duncan: When Duncan was a puppy he was sponsored by Johnson & Johnson to be trained as a service dog. They had a contest to come up with a name for him. They ended up choosing Duncan to honor a vet that was retiring. The veterans last name is Duncan. Additionally, as you know,  Johnson & Johnson is a CV located company and many of our parents work there. So, Duncan is extra special!


You will start to see Duncan in school and at school events.  He does wear a vest, however, you may ask to pet him.  His specialty is hugs and love!