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PSSA Testing Information

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Dear Parents/Guardians of 3rd-5th graders:

PSSA testing will occur on the following dates for students in grades 3-5:

April 25, 26, & 27 for ELA

May 1 & 2 for Math

May 3 & 4 for Science (4th grade only)

During PSSAs, we highly recommend that students follow a good sleep routine (which is important all the time), eat a healthy breakfast, and arrive at school on time as we start promptly. We encourage avoiding trips and/or scheduled appointments on testing dates.

In preparation, please review the attached information regarding PSSAs with special attention to electronic devices. Per state test security requirements, during this time, NO student may be in possession of an electronic device in a testing room. Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, all cell phones, smartphones, smart watches, E-readers, Nooks, Kindles, iPads, iPods, tablets, camera-ready devices, fitness bands/watches and any other electronic device which can be used to photograph or duplicate tests, materials, access the internet, and/or communicate with others during the administration of the PSSA test.

For some students and families, the PSSAs or other standardized tests, can create anxiety. In school, we teach students many test-taking strategies and stress-reducing techniques. Learning to manage stress rather than avoiding it is an important life skill. The PSSAs serve as a great opportunity for students to practice these skills while taking standardized tests that do not impact their grades, college admissions, career certifications, etc.   

With our support, I’m confident that each of our Leola students will find success in taking and completing this year’s PSSAs.


Thank you,

Taylor Alouisa