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CV Creative Minds Expo

LANCASTER, Pa.- Conestoga Valley is hosting an expo for celebrating student work and their diverse minds on December 13th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the High School.

The Conestoga Valley Communications Department created the expo for the community to explore and honor how far the students have grown and developed. The gathering will include many different types of displays, including presentations, videos, blogs, and galleries. Most displays are ongoing, and attendees are expected to come and go as they please from each presentation; however, a few the presentations are scheduled to occur at a specific time. There will be a program to let guests know the locations and times of the presentations.

The expo is a small taste of students’ educational journeys at Conestoga Valley, particularly in relation to Project-Based Learning.

There will be complementary light refreshments and drinks available, along with some spectacular raffle drawings to raise money for a new literacy initiative: CV Reads at Home.

“The event will not only be a celebration of student work, it will also show the vast capabilities of teenagers when given the opportunity for student choice and voice, which is the hallmark of Project-based learning,” Mel Upton, English teacher, explained.

Project-based learning, PBL, is a technique to empower students to think outside of the box by solving real-world problems and showing their knowledge in an authentic manner, outside of traditional assessments.

Superintendent Dr. Dave Zuilkoski has a vision to change the face of education for the Conestoga Valley School District, insisting on adding more PBL, into the learning.

“Preparing for the future is not all about content; it’s about the communication and collaboration,” Zuilkoski explained. “You are not a test score.”

By promoting the integration of PBL with traditional methods, Zuilkoski is not only allowing students to gather useful information, but also develop their character by completing tasks that will help them outside of school. PBL is a way to practice thinking creatively and critically, utilize public speaking, develop teamwork skills, and manage time, in preparation for adult and workforce expectations.

Admission is free, and the student work is priceless.  

-- written by Hayley Schwartz, Class of 2020