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CV School District, Teachers Reach Contract Agreement

A new five-year contract between the Conestoga Valley School Board and the Conestoga Valley Education Association was unanimously approved at a special public meeting in the Lloyd Greiner Board Room on Tuesday, May 28. The contract is in place from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2024.

Some of the features of the new contract include changes to healthcare benefits. The district will discontinue the offering of low and medium PPO plans, and instead continue to offer a high-deductible health care plan to employees, where the employee assumes responsibility for health expenses up to a $2,000 deductible ($4,000 for a family plan). Employees can use pre-tax funds in a health savings account to pay the expenses.

For existing employees, the district will provide 25 percent of the deductible the first year of the contract, with the district then offering a 30 percent match in the second and third years, and a 35 percent match in the fourth and fifth years.  Employees will also be able to reduce their premium costs by participating in an outcome-based wellness rewards program. Premium shares for those participating in the wellness rewards program will be 0 percent in year one, 2 percent in years two and three and 3 percent in years four and five, with those not participating in the wellness program paying 5 percent, 8 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

 “It was definitely a collaborative effort between the association and the school board in reaching a mutually agreeable solution,” said Tara Flick, CVEA president.

The contract also calls for an average salary increase of 3.18 percent, with increases of 3.8 percent in the first year, 3.1 percent in the second year, and 3 percent in the last three years. The agreement also includes changes to retirement bonuses and a new extra-duty pay schedule.

“Special thanks go to our board negotiating committee led by Board President Todd Shertzer, John Smucker and Charles Maines, who committed their time to this process,” said Superintendent Dr. Dave Zuilkoski. “The credit goes to both CVEA and the CV School Board for engaging in good faith negotiations in reaching an agreement that is considerate of the taxpayers, while also keeping CV competitive in the labor market.”