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CV vs. PV: Biggest Loser Competition

Looking for a worthy cause to support? Look no further!

COVID has taken a toll on so many aspects of our lives and charities are among those feeling that toll as fundraising events have drastically declined. So, Dr. Zuilkoski and his counterpart at Pequea Valley, Dr. Orndorff, put their heads together to come up with a way to raise funds for their chosen local charities: Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services (CVCCS) for Dr. Z and The Factory Ministries food pantry for Dr. Orndorff.

What they came up with was a good, old fashioned (socially-distanced) Biggest Loser competition! 

*Click here to check out the video preview of the competition!*

Beginning Monday, Feb. 1 and running through April 30, these two Superintendents will square off to see who can lose the most weight! The loser will have to don school apparel from the opposing district.

But where does the charity part come in? It’s simple! We are asking our CV supporters to make either monetary or food donations to CVCCS. Want to donate a set amount per pound lost? Go right ahead! Want to donate a one-time monetary amount? Want to donate a set number of food items per pound lost or make a one-time food donation? All of those are possible! 

Both Dr. Z and Dr. O are members of the Paradise Rotary Club with Dr. Z serving as President. The Paradise Rotary Club has generously offered to collect all donations – monetary and food – to then be distributed to each charity.

  • Making a one-time donation of either food or money? You can make that contribution at any point during the competition!
    • Monetary donations can be made via check to: Rotary Club of Paradise and dropped off at or mailed to the CV District Office (2110 Horseshoe Rd., Lancaster PA 17601)
    • Drop any food donations off at whichever CV school is most convenient for you. The CV School District will then ensure the food items make their way to the Rotary Club for distribution to CVCCS. 
  • Pledging money or food per pound lost? Get ready to start following along with the regular weigh-ins and then on April 30, we’ll have the final weigh-in results. At that point, you can send your monetary donations to the Rotary Club (see donation information above) who will then distribute to CVCCS. Food donations can be dropped off at whichever CV school is most convenient for you; the district will then ensure the food donations make their way to the Rotary Club for distribution to CVCCS. 

How do I sign-up to donate??
Click here to access the sign-up form; the form is specific to CV and is just for informational purposes so that the district can gather contact information and get a rough estimate of how much food it can expect to be delivered at each building. (Oh, and throw in some words of encouragement for Dr. Z!).

Questions? Reach out to Conestoga Valley Public Relations Coordinator Katie Meier.

Below is a list of food items of which CVCCS is in need:

  • Mac & cheese
  • Hamburger and/or Tuna Helper
  • Rice-a-Roni
  • Condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard)

If you have any questions on food items, please contact CVCCS Director of Operations Dave Unangst at 717-208-3711.