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Virtual Instruction Day Slated for Feb. 18

Parents and Guardians of CV Students –

Tomorrow’s forecast (Thursday, Feb. 18) does not look good for getting into school and back home safely. Instead of a snow day, we are calling a “virtual instruction day.” Students, faculty, and staff will not report to the buildings, but will instead all work from home.

This means that the instruction will be a blend of virtual face-to-face time between students and teachers, and asynchronous learning (students working on their own on assignments and/or projects with the ability to reach out to their teachers for help). It will look different in different classes and different grade levels. So, tomorrow, while we won’t be physically in school, we still will have school! Today, your child(ren) will be bringing home everything they need to “go to school” from home tomorrow.

In order to help both students and teachers transition to tomorrow’s virtual instruction day, we will operate on a two-hour delay. That means that the virtual instruction will start two hours later than the normal start of the day. This will allow our teachers to have extra preparation time to develop a positive learning experience. 

By having this virtual instruction day instead of a traditional snow day, we will not have to make up this day on Tuesday, June 8.  As a side note, we are also looking at a possibility of making Monday, June 7 a “teachers only” day. We’ll have more information after we see how we do tomorrow. 

Please reach out to your child(ren)’s teachers or principals for any questions you may have. And remember, on this first virtual instruction day, continue to show patience, flexibility, grace, and understanding!

Thanks!  - Dr Z