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CV's School Store is Back Open for Business!

The Conestoga Valley School Store is back! 

Below you will find our current inventory, including pricing and quantity of each item. These items will not be reordered; once items are gone, they will not be restocked! We are clearing out our existing inventory to make room for new items.

Please email CV Public Relations Coordinator Katie Meier with your order and/or any questions. Items may be paid for with check or cash (exact change, please!) and can be picked up at the CV District Office during business hours, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (ask for Katie Meier).

Please make checks out to:
Conestoga Valley School District 
c/o Katie Meier
2110 Horseshoe Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17601 

Gray Hoodie - Heavy Blend
gray hoodie

X2 (x1 small, x1 XXL)

Knit Gray 1/4 Zip Pullover (Men's & Women's)
1/4 zip pullover

x2 Women's (x2 XXL)
x4 Men's (x1 medium, x3 XXL)

Ladies 1/4 Zip Longsleeve Pullover (moisture wicking)
ladies 1/4 zip



Longsleeve Buckskins Shirt (unisex, cotton blend)
ls buckskins

x16 (x2 small, x6 medium, x2 large, x3 XL, x3 XXL)


Men's Cool Comfort Red Polo
mens cool comfort polo

x5 (x2 L, x3 XL)


Men's Tan Cotton Polo
mens tan cotton polo

x9 (x2 small, x2 medium, x3 large, x1 XL, x1 XXL)

Men's Navy Cotton Polo
mens navy cotton polo

x10 (x3 medium, x2 large, x4 XL, x1 XXL)

Men's Navy Extreme Performance Polo

x3 (x2 small, x1 medium)


Ladies Tan Cotton Polo
ladies tan cotton polo

x5 (x1 small, x2 medium, x1 large, x1 XXL)


Ladies Navy Cotton Polo
ladies navy cotton polo

x1 (small)

Men's Navy Paragon Short Sleeve Tee (blend)
mens navy paragon tee

x1 XXL



Men's Red Paragon Short Sleeve Tee (blend)
mens paragon tee

mens paragon back

x2 (x1 XL, x1 XXL)

Ladies Champion Short Sleeve Tee (blend)
ladies champion tee

ladies champion tee back


Buckskins Black Heather Tee (unisex)
heather buckskins tee

x15 (x3 small, x2 medium, x5 large, x4 XL, x1 XXL)

Red CV Baseball Cap (adjustable fabric strap)
red baseball cap


Tan Bucks Baseball Cap (adjustable velcro fabric strap)
tan bucks baseball cap



Red, White, Navy CV Baseball Cap (adjustable fabric strap)
red white blue cv cap



Navy Buckskins Baseball Cap (adjustable fabric strap)
navy buckskins ball cap


Gray CV Beanie


CV Magnet



Red CV Cell Phone Wallet
cellphone wallet