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CVEF Announces 2021 Spring Grant Recipients

The Conestoga Valley Education Foundation (CVEF) announced it has awarded 12 grants to staff across the district totaling $118,599.20.

Below is the list of grants awarded along with their descriptions:

  • Middle School Quiz Team: With the expansion of the middle school to include grades 6-8, this grant will fund a middle school quiz team that will help to strengthen the existing high school quiz team. This grant will allow for the purchase of the buzzer system and question starter packs. The establishment of a quiz team will develop students’ critical-thinking abilities, deepen students’ knowledge base, and encourage students to work both individually and as a team.
  • Virtual Reality for the Classroom (subscription): CVEF awarded a grant to fund the subscription service for the district’s existing elementary Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. The subscription platform has thousands of ready-made lessons that connect directly with grade level curriculum in all subject areas.
  • STEM for STEM Labs: This grant will fund additional STEM supplies for Brownstown Elementary’s new STEM lab; the Learning Lab, sponsored by CVEF and community partners, focuses on STEM learning activities for CV’s primary students. The additional supplies include items such as Makedo Invention Kits, 3D Solutech PLA Filament, Bee-Bot Mats, a LEGO® WeDo 2.0 Education Core Set, and more.
  • Fritz Musical Playspace: This grant will allow Fritz Elementary to add several musical instrument stations to create a Musical Playspace as part of the development of a play area on the school’s Kindergarten Hill. The instruments will be used during recess, outdoor class time, and even when school is not in session. Students will be able to work together to make music, perform songs, express their moods, and more.
  • 21st Century Music Makers: Audio Production Course: This grant will allow the high school to change its current music technology lab into a state-of-the-art audio production center that will provide music-making opportunities to a wide audience of high school students. The new technology allows students to immediately delve into advanced production concepts.
  • Powermatic WP2510 Digital Planer: The Powermatic WP2510 Digital Planer gives high school students the opportunity to experience hands-on learning with an advanced technology device. With the advanced features of the machine, students will process their lumber more efficiently and safely. The machine will be utilized in a number of the high school’s woodworking courses.
  • ZEN Den: Restorative Practice Building Implementation: This grant will allow the high school to establish a de-escalation center that provides a space for discipline, restorative circles, and small group interventions. Thirty CV staff will undergo restorative practice training, as well. The goal is to reduce the number of office referrals that result in the removal of a student from class or school.
  • Benchmark Program (outside sponsor): This grant will be funded by an outside sponsor. The Bench Mark program employs strength-based, trauma-informed mentoring practices to connect at-risk youth with adult role models in a fitness environment. In the CVHS weight room, Bench Mark will create a training ground for youth to practice critical life skills such as goal setting, teamwork, and more. Bench Mark operates 2-3 days per week after school hours.
  • Triceratops Dinosaur Installation & Display: A generous alumnus of Conestoga Valley donated a museum-quality Triceratops that will ultimately be displayed in the new Gerald G. Huesken Middle School. The donation did not include the shipping and installation of the Triceratops and this grant will serve to cover the installation. The installation, done by an outside vendor, includes the mounting of not only the Triceratops panels, but also several interactive displays.
  • Refugee Interdisciplinary 8 West Service-Learning Project: The novel Refugee will be the foundation for the middle school’s new interdisciplinary, real-world learning experience. As an interdisciplinary project, 8 West teachers will include activities and lessons relevant to the novels in all team classes ranging from math to science to civics to communications. The interdisciplinary project concludes with two service-learning projects. This grant will help fund copies of novels, stipends for guest speakers, and money for relevant teacher resources.
  • Modern Music Initiative: The Modern Music Initiative is a new type of school music program that teaches key concepts of music, such as composition, improvisation, and performance, through popular music. The program offers expanded opportunities that will make music available to children who might not otherwise participate in traditional music classes. This grant will also allow for the formation of a new ensemble, the Modern Music Ensemble, at the middle school that will run in conjunction with orchestra, band and choir during the activity period. The Modern Music initiative includes a free curriculum as well as lesson plans and resources.
  • LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime Set: The LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime set and activities provides lessons designed to encourage eighth-grade students to discover science through sports. Students explore physical science and experiment with motion and force while incorporating math, art, engineering, science, and wellness into their learning. Each set provides 2-3 students with 500+ LEGO pieces as well as wheels, gears, balls, weights, and instructions. There are eight different lesson plans provided for all students, all with a STEAM focus.