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Quirk Wears Pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness

For the third year in a row, Gerald G. Huesken Middle School Principal Denis Quirk is spearheading a “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This year, Quirk has set a goal to raise $2,500 BUT, we know he can surpass last year's total of $7,129! Like last year, Quirk has added incentives to his middle school students by promising several fun events when he reaches certain benchmarks:

  • $1,000 = Quirk will dye his hair pink
  • $3,000 = “Pelt the Principal.” Every middle school student will be supplied hot pink color run powder, Quirk will dress in all white and then line the students up as he runs through and gets pelted with pink!
  • More than $7,129 = A BIG incentive that’s hush-hush for now!

The middle school will also again be holding a Spirit Week the last week of October and there will be a district-wide Pink Day on Oct. 28. 

Donating to Quirk’s Real Men Wear Pink initiative is not restricted to middle school staff, students, and their families; the fundraiser is open to anyone who would like to support this worthy cause.

The Real Men Wear Pink campaign is part of CV’s ongoing partnership with Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. Real Wear Men Wear Pink, a national campaign, gives men a leadership role in the fight against breast cancer.

To donate via Quirk’s fundraising page, please click here.