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CVEF Awards Nearly $38,000 in Fall Grants

The Conestoga Valley Education Foundation (CVEF) has awarded nearly $38,000 in fall grants that will benefit students, staff, and teachers throughout the Conestoga Valley School District.

At its October meeting, the CVEF Board approved $37,964.15 in grants stemming from this fall’s submission of grant requests.

The six approved grants from the 2021 fall cycle included:

  • Math Stackers and Digi-Blocks (Fritz Elementary): With Math Stackers, learners discover relationships between the properties of math through stacking and comparing “mathemagical” blocks. With Digi-Blocks, learners build the concepts behind place value by using specially-designed boxes to assemble boxes into blocks of 10.
  • Transition to Independent Living (CVHS): The Transition Center, established in 2020, will build its capacity to provide students specific independent living skill with the installation of a washer and dryer in the PAES Lab. The lab, which already houses a full set of kitchen appliances, empowers students to practice and master a more complete range of skill sets that are currently only taught through virtual means, such as videos and presentations.
  • Mayfly Data Logger – Part 2 (CVHS): To continue the Mayfly Data Logger work (a previous CVEF grant), a Wireless LTE connection will be installed to allow students to obtain continuous, real-time data without having to manually retrieve and upload logger station data. The data helps students establish the effect water can have on so many aspects of our watershed.
  • Fitness Bars (Leola Elementary): The set includes a 36-pack of fitness bars ranging from 5-20 pounds and a rack on which to store them. Students will learn exercises and activities to stay healthy for their lifetime as well as communicate and give feedback to other students. Students will also learn responsibility through learning to use the equipment properly.
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Maker (MS): The HP Latex 315 54-inch Print and Cut Plus Solution, printing medium, and ink cartridges will allow middle school students to design, print, and cut the school’s MTSS BUCKS behavioral system information and promotional materials. MTSS helps educators provide academic and behavioral strategies for students with various and ever-increasing needs.
  • Fit for the Future (MS/HS): Heart rate monitors will be provided for CVVA students in grades 7-10. These monitors will enhance the physical education program by introducing students to fitness technology and improving all aspects of their health and wellness, as well as making physical fitness a more enjoyable experience.

A second round of grants is awarded in the spring.