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Letter to CV Community: Nov. 11, 2021

**Click here for a PDF version of the letter.**

CV Community –

As I mentioned in yesterday’s letter, “we will continue to follow our Health and Safety Plan, dated July 30, 2021.” Additionally, we noted that “there may be an appeal by the Governor . . . We will continue to share information as it becomes available.”

Today, in consultation with our District Solicitor, he has confirmed that absent a further opinion of the Supreme Court, the effect of the Commonwealth Court’s decision is stayed pending further proceedings of the Supreme Court.

What does that mean for us? It means we will continue to follow our Board-approved Health and Safety Plan. The Plan states, “CVSD will adhere to any existing, valid and binding orders from the PA DOH/PDE/CDC regarding facial coverings.”  With the legal ruling of the stay, the Acting Secretary of Health’s Masking Order is still considered “existing, valid and binding.”

Effective tomorrow, November 12, 2021, through the time that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania rules otherwise, or we hit January 17, 2022 (the date the Governor has set for the end of the mask mandate for schools), all faculty, staff, students and visitors to any CVSD building will be required to wear a face covering. Those students who are currently in the 504 Plan/IEP process will remain exempt.

As a reminder, the wearing of masks on busses was not affected by the legal proceedings; masks on busses continue to be mandatory.

We remain focused on the learning that our students are experiencing in school. We have created positive opportunities pre-COVID without masks, during COVID with masks, and will continue to create those opportunities as we move forward. Kudos to the educators, parents and students for doing the best that they can during these trying times.

To recap, as of tomorrow, November 12, the bottom line for us is as follows:

  • CV will continue to follow its Health and Safety Plan.
  • Masks will be mandatory in all CV buildings for students, faculty, staff and visitors; exemptions will continue to be processed at the building level.
  • Masks will continue to be mandatory on all district transportation.

Your continued support of our students and educators as we work through this unprecedented time is greatly appreciated! 


Dave Zuilkoski, EdD