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Letter to CV Community: Dec. 16, 2021

*Please click here for a PDF version of the below letter.*

December 16, 2021

CV Community –

This message is a follow-up to yesterday afternoon’s letter to the Middle School community regarding the vague, unfounded threatening language that was directed at the middle school from an unknown Snapchat account. At this time, the threatening language remains unfounded.

As yesterday’s letter stated, out of an abundance of caution, CV’s School Resource Officer (SRO) and police will maintain a presence in the middle school tomorrow.

As the District continued its investigation into the language and social media account, it appeared to mirror a national TikTok challenge that began as a call for students across the country to skip school on December 17 but quickly morphed into language regarding school shootings on that date. That message then began to spread via other social media platforms among students across the country.

This national social media challenge is one of an increasing number of examples demonstrating the irresponsible use of social media, especially as it pertains to school safety. This misuse of social media causes unnecessary fear, a waste of valuable resources, and shows a disregard for others.

Conestoga Valley places the safety of our students and staff as our top priority and we will continue to investigate any and all threats. There is also a well-established system in place for our students to report such threats. Students should report threats through the Safe2Say app and/or by contacting a building administrator. These communication methods create a far more efficient process for the district and local police to investigate facts versus rumors.

Families are also encouraged to have a discussion with their children regarding the seriousness of making or forwarding such threats and the above steps to take when receiving or hearing of such threats. By working together, we will continue to keep our students and staff safe!


Dave Zuilkoski, EdD