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CVEF Awards Over $32,000 in Spring Grants

The Conestoga Valley Education Foundation awarded $32,239.52 in spring grants that will benefit students, staff, and teachers across the Conestoga Valley School District.

The six grants were approved at the April 7 grant committee meeting. CVEF awards grants every fall and spring.

The approved grants from the 2022 spring cycle were as follows:

  • HoverBar Duo iPad Stands (CVHS): Beginning next school year, all CVHS students will be assigned iPads instead of the current laptops. The HoverBar Duo iPad Stands will be used by the Family and Consumer Sciences Department to allow more versatility in the kitchens. iPad stands will be purchased for each kitchen and will allow students to record their skills for evaluation in addition to using them to access digital resources (recipes, online video demos, etc.).
  • Ninja Sensory Path (Brownstown Elementary): This path will create a safe space for students to refocus when they may need an extra break or two outside of the traditional classroom setting. Students occasionally need extra time to process big emotions and feelings; this path gives students the ability to work through some of these feelings. The path includes multifunctional movement and sensory areas designed to target the different body zones and promote good self-regulation.
  • Functional Classroom (CVHS): This grant will help CVHS students prepare for life outside of CVHS by creating a classroom that allows for more hands-on experiences that will prepare students to be contributors in their household or in their living space. This grant will allow for the purchase of a bed and bedding to teach making and stripping of a bed, a table and chairs to teach proper table etiquette and setting of a table, and a dresser and hangers to teach proper hanging and folding of clothing. The furniture will also be used to teach dusting and a rug will enable to students to learn to vacuum properly.
  • Programmable Control with Drones (MS): Sixteen Ryze Tello Quadcopters (drones) will be purchased for the new sixth grade Technology Education program. The drones can be flown manually utilizing an iPad or can be programmed using block logic coding or more advanced JavaScript coding. These skills will help students understand concepts in programmable logic as well as math.
  • Increasing Engagement with QBalls in the Classroom (MS): The QBall is a durable, throwable, soft, wireless microphone that allows all members of the classroom to engage in conversation. The grant would allow for the purchase of 10 QBalls to be used in grades 6-8. The QBalls allow classroom teachers to incorporate public speaking with kinesthetics and gives students opportunities to share and learn and have their voices heard.
  • Empowering CV Learners with Voice and Video (District-Wide): Podcaster equipment kits will be made available in each building (specific to elementary and middle/high school) to facilitate student creativity and engagement. Green screens, microphones, grip stands, sound shield vocal reflection filters, and other audio/visual equipment is included in the kits. Students in all grade levels will have the ability to produce video projects including oral presentations, short films, and more.