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Letter to CV Community Regarding Bus Incident

A PDF version of the below letter can be accessed here.


CV Community –

After the secondary schools were dismissed today and the students were on their way home, a Safe2Say report was received by the administration with a vague threat targeting Bus #5. In an abundance of caution, and in conjunction with the State Police, the bus pulled over, police responded, and students were removed from the bus and were transferred to another bus to complete the ride.

Due to the potential criminal aspect of the threat and because the investigation is ongoing, details are unavailable at this time. We appreciate the professionalism of all involved, from the student who used the Safe2Say app, to the bus driver, to the administrators who responded and coordinated necessary actions, and to our police responders. Due to everyone’s actions, all involved are safe and secure.

CV strives to maintain safe environments for all students, faculty and staff at all times and this includes on the busses to and from school and other activities. These vague threats, even if done as a joke, are not funny and will always be taken seriously.

As a parent and as an educator, it is very disappointing that the actions of one individual caused such a disruption.



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Dave Zuilkoski, EdD