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Relaunch of CV CARES

CV Cares is a decades-old program designed to recognize employees who have gone above and beyond to make our students, parents and guardians, and community members feel welcome and supported. The recognition could be for a single extraordinary event or an ongoing pattern of positive interaction and support.

Recognizing every person as a customer, CV CARES sets the following standards of performance:

  • Communication
  • Appearance
  • Respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Support

If you have had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of this type of engagement, take a moment to fill out the online form to recognize that special educator. Remember, an educator is anyone who has the opportunity to positively impact the life of a child. As such, an educator can be a bus driver, secretary, custodian, teacher, cafeteria worker, school counselor, administrator, or any other support or professional staff associated with CV.

Since we are in the “people business,” it is very much appreciated when someone is recognized for making that positive difference in the life of our children, parents and guardians, and community members. Each nominee will receive a note from an administrator for “creating a sense of belonging in providing exceptional service to members of our school community” and a “CV Cares” magnet.