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Letter to MS Community: Nov. 20, 2022

A PDF version of the below can be accessed here.

Nov. 20, 2022


Middle School Faculty, Staff and Families – 

We know that the cancelling of classes because of an unspecified threat is unsettling. We made the decision to cancel classes on Friday in an abundance of caution, especially considering that we received information about the threat late Thursday night.

Since we received notification, East Lampeter Township Police Department (ELTPD) has been hard at work investigating the source of the threat, as well as its validity. In working with law enforcement, we agree that this was an isolated incident, not related to any upcoming activities at the Middle School (i.e., teachers in session, hosting of parent/teacher conferences, construction activities, etc.). ELTPD has determined that this is no longer an active threat. The police will continue their investigation as even the act of making a threat is potential for criminal action as well as school district discipline.

As a school and a District, we will continue to do our due diligence in practicing building safety and personnel security measures. Through our actions, we will continue to make Huesken Middle School, and all schools in the District, safe and fun learning environments for all. We look forward to seeing the parents this week for parent/teacher conferences, and we wish everyone a joyful and thankful holiday break.



Dave Zuilkoski, EdD

Rachel Metzinger, EdD
GGHMS Principal