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CVEF Awards Nearly $300,000 in Spring Grants

April 2023

The Conestoga Valley Education Foundation (CVEF) awarded $298,978.87 in grants during its 2023 spring grant cycle. CVEF officially approved the grants at its meeting on April 21. This grant cycle marked the first time a grant application has been received from CVSD retirees as well as the first time a grant has been received from a current CV student. The $298,978.87 is largest total amount ever provided in a single grant cycle.

Below are the 10 grants that were approved:

CV Grows – Freight Farm (District-Wide): Freight Farms are hydroponic, sustainable farms built inside a climate-controlled shipping container, allowing high value crops to grow 365 days a year. A single Freight Farm is equivalent to 2.5 acres of farmland and is capable of growing up to 900 heads of lettuce in a single week. It will serve as a modern classroom used for STEM educational and extracurricular programming, problem solving, and collaboration for students. With the addition of CV’s Freight Farm, students will get hands-on learning experiences with natural pathways for student-led philanthropy and community involvement.

This marks the largest grant in the history of CVEF.

Logitech Crayons for iPads (District-Wide): In the effort to expand students’ exposure to working in a modern workspace, this grant will allow students to use the technology provided by the district in a way to practice skills and put their knowledge into real time use. The Crayons will be shared between students from class to class and will greatly save paper and reduce waste in art workspaces.

Grand Piano Restoration (District-Wide): This grant will allow for the restoration of CV’s grand piano which is approaching six decades of use. A re-dedication concert will feature large and small ensembles of various ages. Music-making is a genuine way of promoting community engagement and each selection will feature the restored instrument. 

Audio Production Instrument Cable Holder (CVHS): A senior at CVHS will use this grant money to create four complete cable holders for the audio production lab at CVHS. The project was proposed on behalf of the Eagle Scouts and approved by the Boy Scouts of America local council before being presented to and approved by CVEF. The cable holders will extend the quality and lifespan of the cables used in the classroom.

Metal Lab Upgrade (CVHS): This grant is intended to expand and update the current welding technology and metal fabrication equipment in the Metal Manufacturing Lab at CVHS. The new equipment will be more suitable for the number of students involved in the Tech Ed classes. An upgrade to the Metal Lab, Welding, and Fabrication classrooms will ensure students will be able to meet local workforce demands with modern technology and equipment. 

Promoting Success for All Students with Closed Captioning and Subtitles (GHMS): Kapwing Pro is a program that generates and embeds closed captioning into teacher-curated videos to promote learning for all students in and out of the classroom. Students will have access to instructional videos and assignments that allow them to view and read closed-captioning subtitles in English or their native language.

Digital Direct Garment Printing (GHMS): Digital direct to garment (DTG) printing technology is an innovative process used for many applications to introduce graphic design. Middle school students will have the opportunity to prototype, test, and redesign products quickly and cost effectively. The machine provides cross-curricular learning for not only the tech ed classes at the middle school, but also has applications for clubs and organizations at the school.

WCVM Mobile Production Studio (GHMS): With the intention of promoting activities happening around school and recognizing students and staff excelling in their environments, the GHMS TV Studio is expanding with mobile production carts. Carts will be placed in the hallway with each grade level sharing the use of it. This will allow flexibility of use and limit the chance of damage to the equipment. 

Story Walk (Fritz Elementary and Community): With the absence of a public library in the Fritz community, this grant will provide a rich literacy opportunity by building children’s interest in reading while encouraging healthy outdoor physical fitness. Laminated pages of a book will be placed along an outdoor pathway to allow Fritz classes and the surrounding community to enjoy a book as they get fresh air and partake in a kinesthetic, outdoor activity.

Pre-K Scholarship Allotment for August 2023 (Pre-K Community): CVEF will fund a Pre-K scholarship allotment for the fall of 2023.