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Dr. Zuilkoski's 2023 Commencement Speech

Below is Dr. Zuilkoski's commencement speech from the June 6, 2023 ceremony at Calvary Church. The below speech is able to translated into a variety of languages by using the "translate" function found at the top of the webpage.

Bienvenidos amigos y familiares de la Clase del 2023.

CV, como el mundo, es un hermoso lugar diverso! Una de mis películas favoritas es la de Avatar original. Hay una línea en la película que me tocó muy profundamente; y es una que se puede aplicar a nuestros graduandos a medida que avanzan en sus vidas. Los dos personajes principales de la película están hablando cuando Natiri le dice a Jake: “TE VEO." Ella no lo vé cara a cara, sino de corazón a corazón. 

  1. Yo te veo. 
  2. Te veo. 
  3. Veo tu cultura. 
  4. Veo tu herencia. 
  5. Veo tu identidad. 
  6. Veo tu idioma. 
  7. Veo a tu familia. 
  8. Veo tus creencias. 
  9. Veo tu fe. 
  10. Yo te veo.

Con su permiso, voy a hablar en inglés ahora para que otros puedan entender de lo que estamos hablando.


Welcome friends and families of the Class of 2023.

CV, like the world, is a beautifully diverse place! One of my favorite movies is the original Avatar.  There is a line in the movie that touched me to the core; one that applies to our graduates as they move on with their lives. The two lead characters in the movie are talking when Natiri says to Jake, “I SEE YOU.” She does not see him eye to eye, but rather heart to heart. 

  • I see you. 
  • I see you. 
  • I see your culture. 
  • I see your heritage. 
  • I see your identity. 
  • I see your language. 
  • I see your family. 
  • I see your beliefs. 
  • I see your faith. 
  • I see you.

Too often in society today, people are either on one side or the other, with the stubbornness ingrained to turn a blind eye towards their fellow man. Fortunately, what is refreshing is what the class of 2023 has taught us: that they do “see you.” They see barriers that need to be taken down; they see people for who they are; they see those who need a hand or a hug; they see joy and happiness; they see a bright future.

Class of 2023, as you move on with your lives, you will encounter people who do not see with their hearts, who want to put up barriers for you and others. With your family’s support and the wisdom gained from your teachers, staff, and that trusted adult in your life, not only will you remove those barriers, but through your actions, help people truly “see” what is important.

I will remove the language barrier of this speech in English by having it posted and translated into numerous languages on our website.

Class of 2023, continue to make a positive difference in the life of every person, every day, without exception.

Clase del 2023, ¡felicidades!  ¡Yo te veo!

Class of 2023, congratulations!  I see you!