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CVEF Awards Spring Grants

The Conestoga Valley Education Foundation (CVEF) awarded $112,488 in grants during its 2024 fall grant cycle. CVEF officially approved the grants at its April 19 meeting.

Below are the following grants that were approved:

Snack Cart (Brownstown): This grant will allow students in autistic support classes to provide a weekly snack cart that will offer snacks, coffee, drinks, and other items to teachers on Fridays during the school year. Students will have the opportunity to enhance daily living skills including stocking, cleaning, food and beverage handling, and reading and math.  

Digital Trail (Fritz): With this grant, Fritz will be able to improve and extend the trail in the small wooded area behind the school. The digital trail will include QR codes students will scan to complete an activity related to a lesson. The grant will also allow for the planting of native plants to provide hands-on learning for students. 

Podcasting Studio (CVHS): The high school will utilize this grant to establish a podcasting studio within the library. The studio will serve as an alternative or supplementary means for students to convey their ideas, offering an innovative option beyond traditional written essays or papers.  

TV Studio Upgrade (CVHS): This grant will provide upgrades to the current high school television studio. The current studio is outdated and lacks the ability to broadcast announcements, assemblies, and other information in a live format. Equipment such as new cameras, monitors, lenses, tripods, computers, and more will be purchased through this grant.

Sustainable Learning Center – Solar Energy Project (GHMS): The Sustainable Learning Center includes a roof mount solar panel system, a solar wind power kit, as well as a greenhouse. Students will be taught lessons on gardening, composting, and producing sustainable on- and off-grid power. The middle school will also partner with a local solar utility company to increase student learning opportunities within STEM career exploration and the renewable energy sector.

A Cutting-Edge Future (GHMS): This grant will provide GHMS students with cardboard power saws to use in STEM classes. This will allow students to design, build and test their designs. Most of the projects on which students work involve cardboard and these power saws are a “kid-safe power tool for cutting cardboard” to allow for precise cuts.